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Also known as Whiteboard animation, VideoScribe is a new and exciting form of storytelling which allowed the use organic elements like hands to bring items to the stage that will help explain complex and dense topics. This video includes voice over, background music and graphics. Click Here to see a sample of a VideoScribe video.

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These are short online marketing and training videos aimed to explain a product, a service, or a process. These videos are great as course introductory pieces, products how-to, or social media marketing strategic pieces. In this package, you will get the explainer template, script, voice talent, background music, and graphics. Click Here to see a sample of an Explainer Video.

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$845.00 $279.00
These videos are the best of the best when it comes to video production. Using state of the art graphic rendering, custom made storytelling, professional voice narration, and motion effects, these videos are used by top 100 Fortune companies to promote their business and to support their learning initiatives. This package includes custom made art, royalty-free music, graphic rendering and motion effects. Click Here to see a sample of a Motion Graphics.

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E-learning has become the preferred method to train employee and provides added value to clients. Because these courses are reusable, modules built in Articulate Storyline can be used hundreds of times thus saving time and money. In addition, you can keep track of your training and course consumption. This package includes a 20-minute course with storyboard development, course production, editing, Level 2 interactions, audio and video. Click Here to see a sample of a Storyline course.

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